“The High Cost of Resentment”

We have all dealt with hurt in life. Whether it was a person who spoke wrongly about you or a job that let you go without warning, these situations can be painful. Overtime, those feelings of hurt can turn into unforgiveness, and unforgiveness births resentment. Even though forgiveness does not change the past, it will enlarge your future.  Pastor Arni Jacobson, through his own personal experience and walking through the life of Joseph, will give you a Biblical format for overcoming resentment.

“The Favor Factor”

A Bold Prayer for a Desperate Time.
A Life-Changing Result.

In a desperate time more than 2,600 years ago, the prophet Nehemiah boldly petitioned his God: “Give your servant success today,” he prayed, “by granting him favor” (Nehemiah 1:11). Not only was that plea answered, but it also become the seed for a cascade of blessings that changed history–and lives.

Unlike Nehemiah, many of us today lack the confidence to ask the Lord for His favor–the “assigned advantage” that can supercharge our lives. How can we develop that confidence? How can we follow the prayerful prophet’s example? How do we attain a life of God’s direction and blessings?

Join Arni Jacobson as he helps you discover how the favor of heaven can permeate your workplace, your family, your church…and your dreams.

“Five Keys to Reaching Your Family for Christ”

Author Arni Jacobson provides the tools you need to stand firm in prayer and believe that one day you will see God’s promise fulfilled. If you have loved ones, friends, or neighbors who do not know Jesus, start today by following these five simple keys and receive God‚ as favor as you lead people to Christ.

What Pastors are saying about “5 Keys..”

“This is a must-read for everyone praying for a family member to come to the Lord.”-Pastor Rich Wilkerson (evangelist, author, and pastor of Trinity Church in Miami, Florida)

One of the most needed books for Christian families in our troubled culture of today‚ even if it is to help rescue and restore other broken families that will cross your path.”-Dick Eastman (International President of Every Home for Christ)

“The practices covered in this book are biblical, down-to-Earth, and come from a lifelong soul winner who knows what evangelism is all about.”-Chris Pena (Pastor of Foundation Christian Ministries)

“Arni Jacobson’s insight will bring new hope for your efforts to lead your family to Jesus.”-Steve Munsey (Senior Pastor of Family Worship Center in Munster, Indiana)
“A readable and digestible book that will be the faith-builder you need. It comes out of the laboratory of practice and success.”-Glen D. Cole (Pastor of Trinity Life Center in Sacramento, California)

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